Maintenance Request

In an effort to manage your home with minimal intrusion on your privacy and comfort we have prepared an informative leaflet to ensure that when you have any maintenance or repair issues it can be dealt with efficiently and effectively.

To assist us in meeting our goals please ensure you follow the steps listed below.

Be sure to clearly advise the office of your Name and Rental Property Address
Advise the Property Manager/Agency immediately. Remember, under the Residential Tenancies Act 1994 the tenant is required to report any maintenance and/or repairs promptly. The tenant has a responsibility to mitigate loss, failure to report may render the tenant responsible for the payment of correcting the problem.
Write down the name, brand/type & serial number of the appliance (if applicable). This is particularly important when reporting problems with Hot Water Systems, Ovens, Hotplates, Toilets, etc.
Clearly state what the problem is and where the problem is located. For example, if it is a fault with an electrical switch advise what room it is in, what it operates (light switch), what happens when you turn it on and is there a noise (spark in switch and makes a crackling sound). The more specific you can be the sooner we can assess the matter and send an appropriately qualified tradesperson to attend to the item.
Please refer to “How to Take Care of Your Home During Your Tenancy” to ensure you have taken the necessary steps to prevent incurring an avoidable charge.

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Tenant Details
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Maintenance Details
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Permission to Access Property
  1. I/We the tenant/s, upon submitting this form, consent to the passing of my/our name and contact details onto tradespeople/contractors for the sole purpose of gaining access to the property in order to complete any required maintenance and or quotes as per the lessor instructions. I/We (please select one)

  2. to trades people/contractors gaining entry to the property by using keys supplies by the office only after I/We have been notified of a date and entry time. Alternative arrangements via appointments during business hours can be otherwise arranged with the tradesperson direct. I/We understand that the tradespeople/contractors and your agency are bound by the Privacy Act 1998, and acknowledge that upon request a privacy policy will be supplied.